This is KiwiSweat – We keep it moving

KiwiSweat was started in 2011 out of general gym and fitness boredom. We were tired of doing the same workouts over and over again. Even if it’s the best work out in the world, do it every day, and inevitably, you get bored.

Since 2011, KiwiSweat has been a branded platform focused on providing the highest quality fitness in unique destinations. We’ve featured the city’s best instructors, unique locations, and amazing DJs. We’ve transformed the ho-hum workout routine into THE premier fitness experience.

KiwiSweat – The remix!

That’s right! We launched a fitness app. We know what you’re thinking, “not another fitness app!” Hold tight my friend. This free app, available now at the Apple App Store, is a major extension of the KiwiSweat platform. The app lets cutting-edge instructors directly connect with students, empowering premier instructors with a way to bring their custom methods directly to students, and giving YOU the ability to discover, easily pay for and attend fun, new fitness classes. Who needs the gym? We’re giving instructors the power to reach you directly. It’s essentially Uber meets Airbnb meets Etsy, but for group fitness.

KiwiSweat will continue to produce epic “pop-up” events in each major market across the United States. Each “pop-up” will still take place in a unique destination and last between 1 day and 2 weeks. But now we’ll be in more locations and featuring more amazing instructors! And don’t you worry! KiwiSweat is still pay-per-class with zero membership fees.