Sweat Spotlight: The Fhitting Room

I could not wait to try a class at the brand new Fhitting Room location on 19th street. The Fhitting Room is a boutique studio focused on high intensity training (HIT), a more recent trend in group fitness classes with results that keep it here to stay. The class structure is methodically created to deliver an intense full-body workout, performed in intervals of maximum effort with minimal equipment, combining elements of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. The class is by no means easy, but if you put in the effort, it will be the most effective class you will ever take.

The new 2-floor studio is massive. The main workout studio on the first floor accommodates class sizes up to 24 people, with 2 instructors at all times, keeping the instructor to participant ratio low so you will get specialized attention. The second level has a smaller workout room for private events or smaller classes, tons of key-code lockers, private bathrooms and showers with great amenities. They offer a free towel and water, and their retail section offer’s some awesome gear.

The main studio has dumbbells, kettlebells, rowers, medicine balls and suspension ropes among other equipment perfectly on display. The white board at the back of the room has the workout of the day, so at least you can mentally prepare for the torturous (yet really fun and satisfying) workout headed your way. All the instructors at the Fhitting Room are highly qualified and passionate. I had the pleasure to take Dyan and Jason’s class, a dynamic duo with tons of energy who have fun teaching, which makes you have fun doing the work.

The warm up consisted of jumping jacks, air squats, alternating front lunges, inchworm to push-ups, hip openers and high knees done in quick intervals to get the blood flowing and heart rate increased. Next, we partnered up and alternated between 2 rounds of suspension rope jump squats while the other person held a plank for 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off. I have never used suspension ropes before and the burn I got in my quads and booty in just 30 seconds made me an even bigger believer in HIT.

Next was the strength part of the class. Using dumbbells (you can choose whatever weight you are comfortable with), we did 2 round of man makers and curtsy lunges on both sides for 45 seconds each. Then came the circuit, the meat of the class and the most challenging aspect where you really need to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

The circuit involved 6 stations: ski row machine, wall ball squats, kettlebell alternating lunges, hamstring curls with suspension ropes, bosu ball squat thrusts and 10 low hurdles for high knee run-throughs. In small groups of 4, we spent 1 minute at each station for 2 rounds. If that wasn’t enough, we ended that class with 5 minutes of single arm kettlebell thrusters, burpees and reverse crunches for as many reps as possible. Not a single muscle on my body was left out. I was an exhausted sweaty mess, but high on endorphins and I felt amazing after completing such a challenging class knowing I gave it my all.