KiwiSweat has been focusing on private events during the first half of 2013.  However, we are coming back full force in the FALL of 2013.  So stay tuned!

Here are a few of our past event locations:

Bike NY, May 2012

Our May 2012 event took place as part of Bike Expo New York, a 3 day expo taking place in the days leading up to the five borough bike tour.  We were located in a private outdoor space overlooking the East River.  Bike Expo New York  (BE NY) gave residents and visitors an unprecedented look at urban cycling against the backdrop of New York.  

Cedar Lake Dance, March 2012

Cedar Lake is a dramatic landmark building located in the West Chelsea Historic District and current home of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet.

Top of the Garden with Uplift, February 2012

An amazing loft space with beautiful views of Manhattan and a rooftop terrace.

The Living Theater, January 2012

Founded in 1947 as an imaginative alternative to the commercial theater by Judith Malina, the German-born student of Erwin Piscator, and Julian Beck, an abstract expressionist painter of the New York School, The Living Theatre has staged nearly a hundred productions performed in eight languages in 28 countries on five continents – a unique body of work that has influenced theater the world over. 

Chelsea Market: October 2011

KiwiSweat took Chelsea Market by storm for our amazing launch event.  Clif Spady led the charge with a sold out inaugural ride.  And who can forget the surreal moment when Lacey Stone hosted her last spin class of 2011 in NYC?  There were just as many people watching from the outside as there were taking the class inside!  And it was a sold out class!  A shot goes out to Paula who celebrated her 60th birthday with us during our infamous midnight EXPLICIT ride led by Rachel Buschert!  We can't believe that we had people come out on a Saturday night at midnight during a snow storm to spin with us.  Absolutely amazing!  It was a challenge walking by the amazing food every day, but KiwiSweat will never ever forget Chelsea Market!

DUMBO Loft Space: November 2011

KiwiSweat popped up in a super raw loft space in DUMBO.  We cranked the music hard and had a ridiculously fun time.  KiwiSweat definitely felt the love in DUMBO.  We can't wait to come back!  

Invisible Dog: November 2011

How do we love thee?  Let us count the ways!  Well, if you know Lucien, the owner of Invisible Dog, you know that the list of reasons to love Invisible Dog goes on and on and on!!  He is absolutely amazing.  But other than that, the space just had such a great energy.  Rustic, yet polished and full of character, history, and possibly a ghost or two.  This is what KiwiSweat is all about;  The love of truly unique and beautiful NYC spaces.